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Lawn Fertilization Rounds

Our Most Popular Lawn Program

(1)   Round 1:

A complete balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control.
Check for insects (Late April-Early May)

(2)   Round 2:

A complete balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control. 
Check for insects (Late May-Early July)

(3)   Mid-Summer Inspection:

A complete balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control. 
Complete Inspection report (July)

(4)   Round 3:

A complete balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control. 
Check for insects (Late Aug.-Early Sept.)

(5)   Round 4:

A complete balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control.
Check for insects (Late Sept. – Early Oct.)


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Unique formula kills a variety of lawn weeds including Dandelion and Clover.

Contains Iron (4.45%) in the form of FeHEDTA, controls broadleaf weeds!

Click here to read more about Fiesta.



spring special

turf insect control

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vacation special



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Fertilization | Winter Services | Additional Services


Lawn Renovations

slit seeding

Ron’s Lawn Care specializes in lawn renovations. If you are repairing a lawn, here are few things to consider:

Seed vs. Re-sodding

There are many benefits to Slitseeding:

1. With slitseeding you have control over the type of grass you want to grow. Our special mix of seed is a more practical choice as we use cultivars of seed that are less desirable to turf feeding insects, such as the Chinch Bug. Our blends have non- toxic inhibiters that deter feeding insects, therefore making your lawn less prone to insect damage.

2. Slitseeding cuts little slits into the soil and drops the seed into those slits. This creates a much higher seed to soil contact, resulting in a much higher germination rate.

In order to get good results with any seeding, the seed must be in contact with soil. If seed is simply sprinkled on the surface of a lawn, the seed may germinate, but the roots of the newly germinated seed will never anchor to the soil, and will die during the first hot dry period. Seed must have good seed to soil contact to survive. This is the reason aeration and over-seeding will not repair a damaged lawn.

3. Sod is the instant lawn; cons are sod is primarily Kentucky Blue grass that is very prone to insect feeding.


Our Topdressing is 100% weed free soil & organic compost. We use only the best soil available on the market. Our Topdressing is used for many reasons and is great for leveling off damaged areas. It can also be used as a soil rejuvenate in subdivisions were the soil is poor. Another reason to use our Topdressing is it is a great water retainer and help battle drought issues.




We also do weeding & edging of your garden beds. We also do mulching with top end Mulch in various types & colors.


Additional Services:

hand holding soil

Aeration, Over-Seeding, Topdressing, Slit-Seeding, Grub Control, Surface Insect Control, Rodent Control, Soil Testing, Soil Amendments



fall leaves

Mowing, De-Thatching, Spring and Fall Clean-ups....


Commercial Services

big mower

Did you know that Ron’s Lawn Care & Outdoor Maintenance also provides full service, commercial services?  No Contract required.

We provide:

• Lawn Care  
• Tree and Shrub Care

• Mowing     
• Clean Ups

And More


Mosquito Control


Our Mosquito Control is designed to create a barrier around your property allowing you to safely enjoy the outdoors around your home with friends and family while keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Besides being annoying, mosquitoes spread West Nile Virus that is transmitted by adult mosquitoes and reducing populations will reduce these risks.

Our ORGANIC PRODUCT is applied to your lawn and garden areas to create a barrier to control mosquito populations. Our product allows you to enjoy the comforts of your property without having to deal with uninvited guests. Our trained and certified technicians will treat the following areas of your property where mosquitoes hide out:

  • Shrubbery and ground cover areas                              

  • Under decks and stairways

  • Hedges and landscape plant materials                 

  • In your lawn

It is important to know that Mosquitoes breed in standing pools of water and eliminating these areas such as bird baths, buckets and clearing clogged gutters can greatly reduce mosquito populations around your property.


Tree and Shrub Care


Our Tree and Shrub Care Program is designed to help ensure that the trees and shrubs in your landscape are kept healthy and thriving throughout the year. Trees and Shrubs are valuable assets to your home, they add to the aesthetic appeal, and enhance your property value. We understand the importance of this, and our trained and licensed experts will inspect, evaluate, diagnosis, and provide an analysis on what your trees & shrubs require.

We offer many services for you to choose from:
  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Dormant Oils

  • Deep Root Watering

We also offer a number of different treatments for specific harmful insects can cause major damage and destroy your most valued Trees, shrubs and bushes.


Some of the insects are listed below:

  • Aphids

  • Leaf Miners

  • Spider Mites

  • Birch Borers

  • Caterpillars


Winter Services

snow truck

Snow shoveling, plowing, salting...

We do snow removal/ both residential and commercial
Call or email us for your free estimate!



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