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What’s New at Ron’s Lawn care?

At Ron’s Lawn Care we always strive to improve our customer service.
I would like to take a moment to update you about the free services we provide for you throughout the year.

In 2013 we introduced our on-line customer service.  Through our web site you can access your account and monitor your account from your own home computer or blackberry.  Simply go to our web site, click on the button in the right side of the page that is labeled REAL GREEN ON-LINE CUSTOMER SERVICE and follow the instructions to register as a customer. 

In 2014 we introduced our REAL GREEN FOLLOW UP SYSTEM.  This system was put in place to follow up services, notes, potential problems such as chinch bugs, grubs etc.  Approximately 2 days after the service, a follow up E-mail or letter will be sent to you on behalf of Ron’s Lawn Care. It will describe the service performed and notes, recommendations that were made etc. 

The goal of this system is to quickly follow up on all transactions, so important issues do not fall through the cracks.

Secondly, communication with our customers is very important to us at Ron’s Lawn Care. 

Thirdly, another reason for this change is cost efficiency.  With postage being so expensive and the factor that in 2016 we could lose our door to door mail service.  This could mean we may lose contact with some of our elderly customers. 

In 2013 we also introduced to you our referral rewards program.  See our web site for details on how you can save money. 
2015 On-line banking and credit card payments are now available.

credit cards

Watch our web site for our Newsletter Second Addition.




News Letter First Edition

Ron’s Lawn Care does snow removal both commercial & residential.
Enough about snow for this year.  It looks like spring has finally arrived.

Our business is growing in leaps and bounds. Big thanks to everyone.
Some things to watch out for as the snow starts to melt.

Snow Mold

Snow mold often occurs after heavy snow fall winters. The snow sits in large piles and when it melts often snow mold will form. There are two types of snow mold

grey snow mold
Grey Snow Mold

pink snow mold
Pink Snow Mold

Snow mold is simple to correct. Just gently rake the lawn with a fan rake, the opposite direction of which it is lying flat. This will allow air to circulate and the mold should go away. Call our office for more info.

Compacted Soil

Due to all the heavy snow, we recommend a Spring Core aeration as the weight of the snow and ice compacts the soil. There are many benefits to aeration, call our office to learn more and for a free estimate.

Spring Grub Treatment


If you have Grubs/and or Leather Jackets we recommend a Spring Grub Treatment followed up by a fall grub treatment and every September following.

Book your Spring Grub/ Leather Jacket treatment early as they quickly sell out. You use the form above to order or visit our Customer assisted web site


vole damage
Vole Damage

Voles are mice like rodents that tunnel, above ground channels in the turf and make nests.

Call our office and we would be happy to share information with you. We also sell products to deter Voles. Simply call our office for help.

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